I love brunch, don't you?

Breakfast on its own is good. Lunch on its own is good. But, the best breakfast and lunch items during one meal sounds fabulous.

Mother's Day is this weekend. Have you made a reservation for brunch yet? Moms love brunch. Actually, they prefer it over any other meal.

Austin Melonie Carroll
Austin Melonie Carroll

I saw a poll online that said moms are over having the traditional breakfast in bed and want to go out for brunch instead.

I'm a mother and I agree with this. Although the idea of staying in my pajamas longer than 6:30 am on the weekends (my daughter is on a travel sports team) is very appealing, the idea of toast crumbs or syrup dripping on the bed, is not something I'm into.

Eggs Benedict on toasted muffins with ham and sauce

So, where is the best brunch around?

OpenTable released a list of the Top 100 Brunch Restaurants in America for 2024. It's broken down by state and only one restaurant in New Jersey made it.

This northern New Jersey spot has been on my restaurant bucket list for a while now. You may already know about it.

It's Tops Diner in East Newark, NJ.


New Jersey is filled with diners. It's the diner capital of America. But, don't you think for one second Tops is an ordinary NJ diner. It's top notch.

It's been around since 1942. On OpenTable it says, "As the American dining culture shifts, we recognize we must strive to recreate the 1920's renaissance that birthed the diners as we know it today, all the while preserving the historical and cultural identity that made Tops Diner the model all others hope to emulate."

Tops Diner is located at 500 Passaic Avenue in Harrison, NJ.

You can make a reservation and check out the menu by clicking here.

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Hours as of September 2023.

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