Prop Plane Makes Emergency Landing

A small prop plane was forced to make an emergency landing at the Buffalo International Airport on Monday after it lost a door, midflight.

Thankfully, both passengers inside the plane were unharmed, but strangely, the door hadn't been located yet.

According to a report from ABC News, the incident involving the small prop plane occurred on Monday.  Sources confirm that it was a single-engine Diamond DA40, and it lost its left rear passenger door and landed at around 5:30 p.m.

That's when, according to the source, officials at the Cheektowaga Police and Fire Dispatch "received a call for assistance from the Buffalo International Airport in New York."

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Airplane Door Flies Off Midflight

ABC News is reporting that the two passengers on board made it safely to the ground, but the whereabouts of the door remain a mystery.

Officials haven't said what caused the door to detach from the small plane, or where the door landed. Officers have spent the last few days searching the area where they believe the door fell off, but so far, they've been unable to locate it.

Where Could It Be?

Sources confirm that officers searched various areas, but were unable to locate the door.

According to WIVB News, Cheektowaga PD said the active search “has stopped for us at this time” and that the FAA will take over.

Area residents are asked to call Cheektowaga Police Dispatch at (716) 686-3500 if they have any information about where the door may have fallen.

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