Soda lovers from Poughkeepsie to Middletown are on the hunt for special 2-liter bottles that contain a completely different version of their favorite soft drink.

If you shop for two-liter bottles of soda, you're going to want to keep your eyes open for a rare find. Yellow caps are beginning to show up at Hudson Valley stores that identify a big difference with the ingredients inside.

Bottle's Cap Color is a Secret Signal to Some Soda Consumers

Perhaps you've already seen some bottles of Coca-Cola on store shelves with a different color bottle cap. On some plastic two liters bottles the cola brand's iconic red cap is replaced with a bright yellow one. It turns out that the color change is actually a secret signal to some consumers that the ingredient list has been changed for a very specific reason.

A. Boris/Canva
A. Boris/Canva

Why Are Some Coca-Cola Bottle Caps Yellow in the Hudson Valley?

Coca-Cola has quietly changed its recipe for a limited time in some, but not all, of its bottles of soda. The company has purposely replaced high-fructose corn syrup with sugar creating an all-natural version of its product.

You'd think that Coca-Cola would advertise a big change like this, but the company is actually keeping it very quiet. There's no advertising campaign, no signs in the store and the only difference in the bottle's label is the ingredient list.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Why Has Coca-Cola Changed its Ingredients?

The temporary switch from high fructose corn syrup to sugar is to accommodate Coca-Cola's Jewish customers during Passover. While Coke is a kosher food, it's not kosher enough to drink during the high holy days.

Strict followers of the Jewish faith refrain from eating certain foods during Passover, and one of them is grains. Because corn is considered a grain, Coke replaces its high-fructose corn syrup with sugar and identifies it with a cap that says "Kosher for Passover" in Hebrew.

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You Don't Have Orthodox to Enjoy Yellow-Capped Coke

Some soda lovers swear that the Mexican version of Coca-Cola is better than the U.S. version because it's made with real cane sugar. Unfortunately, glass bottles of imported Coke can be quite expensive if you can even find them in stores. The kosher for Passover version of Coke uses the same recipe as its Mexican cousin and sells for the same price as a regular two-liter bottle of soda. So, if you can find it, the yellow-capped Coke is actually a pretty good bargain.

Where to Find Yellow-Capped Coca-Cola

Finding bottles could prove to be difficult in some areas of the Hudson Valley. Stores near higher Jewish populations will be fully stocked for the season, so if you live in areas near Monroe or Monticello, make sure to check those caps for this tasty variation of Coke.

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