Walking on ice can be treacherous, as there is always a risk of falling through if you're not aware how thick the ice may be. Once in the frigid waters, panic quickly sets in, as hyperthermia and drowning can make it difficult to survive.

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Recently, New York State DEC rangers were called as two brothers who were fishing fell trough the ice. Sadly, the accident cost the life of one of the men.

Rescuers Aid Man Who Helped Dog and Owner Who Fell Through Ice 

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said that a forest ranger responded to a report of a dog that had fallen through the ice the morning of January 13 at Hinkley Reservoir.

WHAM News 10 says the incident happened in the town of Russia in Herkimer County.

The DEC says that the dog's owner, a 59-year-old from Cold Brook, saw the canine fall through the ice and went after the dog in a kayak, which then overturned. When the DEC arrived, a 42-year-old good samaritan from Cold Harbor had rescued the dog in a second kayak.

The man was nearby and had seen the dog and his owner before grabbing a kayak and rope to pull the dog's owner to shore, before going back to save the dog.

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Once the other man had the dog in the kayak, he was so cold he couldn't move. DEC Ranger Bills put on ice rescue gear, brought a personal floatation device to the rescuer, and hooked a rope onto the kayak. Newport Fire Department and New York State Fire brought in water technicians and a rescue boat to assist.

Rescue crews pulled the second kayak safely ashore with the subject and the dog. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, says the DEC.

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