I have collaborated with John Devlin to update the status of the Atlantic City, New Jersey, Gardner’s Basin Marina district.

The 2024 season effectively begins on April 1, 2024, just over one month from now.

We took a tour of the entire area. It appears as though nothing has changed since last year.

It reminds us exactly how Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small manages the public housing crisis in Atlantic City.

Small does nothing to address the problems.

For more than two years, the residents of Stanley Holmes Village Apartments have lived without heat and hot water, in addition to other problems.

Atlantic City’s Gardner’s Basin could be just like Historic Smithville.

There should be a vibrant, thriving community in place. The footprint is breathtaking and the potential is unlimited.

Yet, like with many things in Atlantic City, it’s not a priority for Small. It just doesn’t fit his radical agenda.

“I honestly don't see any changes,” said Devlin.

Devlin added:

It's sad to see the whole marina abandoned and in such disrepair. The city has two years to get their act together and come to find out it had funding from a federal grant. I am mortified as a boater, taxpayer and resident to see the state of affairs at the marina. One of Atlantic City last NATURAL RESOURCES being neglected so bad is not only a shame but a crime. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the businesses who rely on customers who utilize the marina for business and pleasure, said Devlin.

Devlin is an enthusiastic boater, who both loves and sees the unlimited potential of the Atlantic City Marina District.

"The whole Historic Gardeners Basin is in shambles. Since the Small Administration made it his priority to remove an Iconic Black Owned Fish Food Stand (Fish Heads) and to shut down the docks to supposedly do "bulk head" work without communicating to businesses and residents seems odd; moreover, not to complete work and maintenance that is desperately needed during the two off seasons is completely insane,” said Devlin.

"My thoughts are that the city should be in the business of putting people to work and attracting small businesses to Atlantic City,” said Devlin.

“They have done the exact opposite. The list grows by the season. Think about it, The Aquarium, Fish Heads, AC Marina, a dozen shops along bulkhead, surf shop (Jersey Devil) and the art gallery to name a few," said Devlin.

There is a little more than one month to go before the season begins.

It is my hope that this friendly reminder will serve notice to Small to step-up and do his job and stop hurting the local community and the many hardworking small business owners in Atlantic City’s Marina District.

Below are photos that we took during our inspection of Atlantic City’s Gardner’s Basin.


Last year, right before the season was about to begin, Small sent unwanted letters to all Atlantic City Gardner’s Basin business operators.

The letter advised that they were not permitted to open.

Let’s hope that Small doesn’t intend to play any games with the fast approaching spring and summer seasons.

SOURCE: Tour of Atlantic City’s Gardner’s Basin Marina District with John Devlin.

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