There has been inaccurate local news reporting about the upcoming budget process in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

By New Jersey state law, the Atlantic City form of government features a weak mayor and strong city council format.

The Mayor proposes … City Council disposes.

Once the mayor submits a budget to the City Council … it becomes City Council’s budget … with the mayor having absolutely no authority from this point forward.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is more than 45 minutes late for a so-called budget announcement.

Atlantic City Council Chambers is packed with City of Atlantic City employees.

The spending priorities of Small have been long questioned … regarding friends being hired … the improper creation of an ex-offenders department that members of city council did not even know about … before Small announced and placed its existence on the official City of Atlantic City website.

Small also posted the announcement on his personal social media and was summarily embarrassed when Cornell Davis was terminated by the City of Atlantic City for being ineligible to be hired.

We have learned that Small is pledging a $ 4,500 salary increase for all full time city employees … with it being prorated for part time city employees.

Small is also calling for a tax decrease and announcing current city cash reserves.

After Small submits a budget … city council will take it from there.

SOURCES: Atlantic City Hall contacts.

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