Did you catch that jaw-dropping double supermoon last month? It was out of this world! But here's the bummer, after this month's supermoon, we won't be getting another one until late in 2024.

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A supermoon happens when the moon swings close to Earth, making it look all gigantic and radiant. It's like the moon decided to put on a show just for us in August with a double supermoon that made us all stop in our tracks and stare.

2023 Last Supermoon

On Friday, September 29, New Yorkers will see their last supermoon until September 18, 2024. The upcoming supermoon is going to give us a great grand finale by shining like a rock star, lighting up the night sky and making us all stop and stare.

There's something about looking up at a supermoon, isn't there? It almost feels like you could reach right out and touch it and makes you feel closer to the heavens. Even though we won't see another supermoon for almost a full year, there are still other great things that we can check out.

There will be other things like meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and even some cool planetary things happening between now and September of 2024, but if you can, try to remember to get outside to soak in the supermoon one last time this year.

Don't forget that it will shine down on New York on Friday, September 29. Keep your head up and your eyes on the sky because there's a whole awesome universe up there waiting for us to discover it.

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