What's that quote from Forest Gump? 'Stupid is as stupid does'? That line has never rung truer than for a New Jersey duo who went wine tasting while two little kids were in their unattended car.

Introducing 43-year-old John J. O'Mahoney and 37-year-old Radhika Vyas. They're the Phillipsburg, NJ brainiacs that decided it was a good idea to leave two toddlers alone in the Four Sisters Winery parking lot while they sampled some local vino, according to Patch.com.

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Phillipsburg, New Jersey Pair Goes Wine Tasting While Toddlers Alone in Car

Wine Tasting

But wait it gets worse. Not only are the kids all of two and three years old but the incident took place February 25th on a cold winter day when the high temps were only in the low 40s, Patch.com reports.

Yeah, they kind of deserved to be publicly shamed for being negligent caretakers.

Thank goodness for the watchful eyes and diligence of staff at Four Sisters Winery who noticed the two children alone in their pair's car and alerted police.

Phillipsburg, NJ Pair Charged After Leaving Kids in Car to Go Wine Tasting

Phillipsburg NJ Police Department
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Now the duo faces spending up to a year and a half in prison for their actions. Each has reportedly been charged with two counts of fourth-degree cruelty and neglect to children.

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Brenton S. Warne, Phillipsburg, New Jersey's acting chief of detectives warns any aspiring copycatters out there, "it is not acceptable to leave young children unattended in a vehicle, and that doing so for even a short period of time can result in tragic consequences."

This has been today's lesson in 'Bad Parenting: 101'.


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