You'd think restaurant workers would have enough to deal with, without now having to deal with unscrupulous people trying to scam them.

It's bad enough that they work off such a low base pay, and need to depend on tips to survive, but according to a post that's gone viral on Tik-Tok, they now have to be extra vigilant, to ensure they don't get caught up in a scam.

Stephanie Carlisle is a server who has a popular Tik-Tok account @sassyserver0529, where she shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work in a restaurant.


She recently posted a video that describes a scam that people have been trying to pull.  She went on to explain that someone called the restaurant to complain about an order of chicken tenders he purchased.  He claimed the order was "botched."

The man gave Stephanie his phone number and the last four digits of his credit card, but she couldn't find anything with that information.

When she tried explaining to the man that she couldn't help without the correct information, he became insistent and stated he was coming in for his credit, and if she didn't give it to him, he would take his claim to social, implying he would smear the restaurant's reputation.

Stephanie would have none of that.  She beat him online and exposed the scam.  The response from fellow servers was overwhelming.  With social media being such a prominent part of our lives, no one wants to get negative reviews.

That has resulted in an increased demand from scammers demanding refunds or credit.


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