Unfortunately for people here in the Garden State, some may have to move their money very soon.

Switching your funds to a new bank can be daunting task, but for many here in New Jersey, they soon won't have a choice. We should be lucky they're not shuttering even more locations than they've already announced.

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With Wells Fargo, Capitol One, and Citizens Bank all announcing closures of some of their brick-and-mortar locations back towards the end of 2023, it's not really too much a shock to hear that more banks are following suit. The latest to announce closures here in the Garden State: Bank Of America.

Bank Of America Closing Some New Jersey Locations

Several Bank Of America branches are scheduled to close up shop in February of 2024. Most of those, however, are on the west coast. The east coast branches aren't in real trouble until March.

They announced that the Bank Of America on River Road in New Milford, NJ, will be closing March 5th.

That's not the only location in New Jersey scheduled for closure this year.

More Locations To Close In Spring

The east coast branches will be closing left and right come April. Locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Connecticut will be closing during that time. The second New Jersey location to close isn't scheduled to do so until the end of that month. The Bank of America on Princeton Pike in Lawrence Township will close its doors for good on April 30th.

This is all a result of online banking gaining popularity. It's not like Bank Of America is really going anywhere. More so, they're shifting their focus from brick-and-mortar locations to online customers.

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