It will soon be winter and with that, it is time for some nice comfort foods. One of those is the grilled cheese. It's tasty, hot, and goes great with a bowl of soup. According to USA Today, "Americans eat more than 2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches each year."


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Lovefood did an article discussing the best grilled cheese shops in America. "Two slices of bread and a bit of cheese might sound simple but, to many, finding the perfect grilled cheese is an endless (very tasty) mission. There are the purists, who like theirs with handfuls of Cheddar and finished under the grill. Some prefer a sandwich with several types of cheese, while others might want all the loaded extras."


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I like a simple grilled cheese. I prefer rye bread, cheddar cheese, and maybe a touch of ketchup. That's all nothing too fancy, but I am open to trying different recipes and flavors when it comes to a delicious grilled cheese. In addition, you can add a bowl of soup and tomato soup seems to be the best pairing with the grilled cheese, but in winter any soup will do.


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Lovefood selected their choice for best-grilled cheese in America. "American Melts is a “build your own” grilled cheese bar and the possibilities are both seemingly endless and definitely delicious. Filling options include classic American cheese, bacon, pesto, pickles, sliced apple and portobello mushroom, and diners can choose from different sandwich bases from country white bread to wholegrain." Definitely a place I'd like to check out. American Melts is located at 515 Springfield Rd, Kenilworth, NJ 07033. So next time you wanna try Jersey's best-grilled cheese, head to Union County.


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