New Jersey was home to the world's first film studio.

Thomas Edison was the king of patents back in the day and owned the patent for the motion picture camera.

At one point it looked like New Jersey would be the modern-day Hollywood, or Georgia, where every big movie would be filmed. However, Thomas Edison and his patents made it very expensive so movie studios moved west and set up shop in California.

I wonder where they would've put a Hollywood-like sign in New Jersey? Where would the Walk of Fame go?

The mind reels.

New Jersey was even home to the first drive-in movie theater back in 1933. Back then it cost 25 cents per car and 25 cents per person.

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Even though New Jersey missed out on the opportunity to be the home of most movies, the Garden State does get the opportunity from time to time to shine.

Now that Netflix is setting up shop at the old Fort Monmouth, New Jersey may turn into Little Hollywood after all.

I'm sure Thomas Edison would be proud.

Movies Filmed in New Jersey

The list of movies filmed in New Jersey was too long to list them all below, but many of them surprised me.

Some honorable mentions that didn't make the list include Scent of a Woman, Independence Day, Annie, The Marvels, and On the Waterfront.

I wish I had a good and legitimate reason as to why I chose the movies I chose and why the movies above weren't included in the list below, but alas I do not.

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