🌷 Angry customers at NJ tulip farm were stuck for hours in traffic

🌷The tulip farm offered an apology

UPPER FREEHOLD — Were you one of the unlucky people stuck in their car trying to leave a popular tulip farm in Monmouth County?

Some guests complained on social media it took them a long time, some two to three hours to either get into or leave Holland Ridge Farm’s parking lot in Cream Ridge on Sunday afternoon.

Local roads like Rue Road, where the farm is located, were clogged and many said they felt trapped in the gridlock.

Holland Ridge Farms, Cream Ridge, NJ (Photo Credit: Jen Ursillo)
Holland Ridge Farms, Cream Ridge, NJ (Photo Credit: Jen Ursillo)

The owners of Holland Ridge Farm issued an apology this morning on social media saying that in the six years that they’ve been open, Sunday was the most challenging day they’ve ever had at the farm.

“It was the perfect storm of beautiful weather, a sellout day, and almost full bloom. Due to this, and many other factors, a lot of customers experienced extreme traffic delays. We acknowledge that this is unacceptable, and we sincerely apologize to everyone this affected,” Holland Ridge Farms posted on Facebook.

“As many of you know, we’re a family-run business. We pride ourselves on the events and experiences we offer to our guests, many of whom return year after year. This farm is our entire world, and reading all the negative comments is hurtful and something we don’t take lightly,” the statement continued.

“Customers who have been with us since the beginning know how far we’ve come and how diligently we work to make improvements to our events. Major changes have already been implemented to ensure yesterday’s delays are not replicated. Thank you to all our customers who continue to support us as we work through these challenging growing pains. We also want to acknowledge our amazing staff who went above and beyond in even the most stressful situations. We appreciate all of you and could not be here today without your support,” the statement from The Jansen Family concluded.

But there were plenty of tulip lovers who visited the farm on Sunday and who came to Holland Ridge Farm’s defense on Facebook. Many were not bothered by the traffic and praised the farm for offering a wonderful experience and beautiful tulips for picking.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

“The traffic does not bother us anyway….you guys are the BEST!! The farm is absolutely beautiful and magnificent! Keep on doing what you’re doing,” wrote one person.

“We were there yesterday and had a wonderful time, people are just impatient they must had good time but still complaining because some people are like this, The traffic issue was so natural as everyone was leaving at the same time in the evening. You gave us an awesome lifetime experience,” another wrote on Facebook.

“Yesterday was my family's first time going to your farm and we had a lovely day. Your farm is absolutely beautiful and this will become a tradition for us,” someone commented on Facebook.

“Holland Ridge Tulip Farm is my MOST FAVORITE Spring Tradition for my family. We will come back for years to come! Traffic Happens and I was there and I thought it was FABULOUS!!!!! Your farm is beautiful and yesterday was an amazing day for me and my family,” another post read.

Casey Jansen Sr., started Holland Ridge Farms after he came to New Jersey from Holland in 1964. His son, Casey Jansen Jr., now runs the farm.

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