The President's week road trip may be a little more expensive here in New York State as gas prices have risen again and are the highest in more than three months. The week is just starting and it is only mid February, will the prices get well over four dollars a gallon by summer?

There are a variety of factors involved in the prices rising and the latest rise may be due to a refinery being shut down here in the United States. Currently, the state average is sitting at $3.30 a gallon and nationally it is at $3.27.

Have you started to see the price increase and has it changed the way you drive? The winter means you are probably warming the car longer, sitting in traffic or storms longer and using more gas for things like a generator or snowblower. It all adds up quickly.

Places like, Hamilton and Essex Counties in New York State are paying some of the highest prices this week. In Erie County, there is currently a gas tax "holiday" that will expire on March 1st.

Channel 7, in Buffalo, reported that:

You will be paying a little more at Erie County gas pumps. Democrat Jeanne Vinal joined her republican colleagues to try and continue the gas tax relief, but it was ruled down by the majority in a 6-5 vote.

The good news for those traveling this week is that the temps are warming up and it looks like the majority of the week will be rain and snow free.

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