The roads and the parks are about to be very busy across New York State. Not only are people coming home from spring break vacations, there is a huge number of people coming to the area to witness the solar eclipse.

The hype is off the charts these days for the eclipse on Monday. In the Niagara Falls and Buffalo area, there are estimates that 1 million additional people will flood to the falls to see the amazing event. Officials are reminding people to arrive early and stay late at their destinations.

But just days ahead of the solar eclipse, New York State has a new warning.

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While the sun won't be any more intense than normal, if you expose your eyes to the sun for too long, damage may occur.

Things are getting very exciting and there are dozens of parties to check out. However, one unique place to see the eclipse may be from a boat on the Niagara River. The 2024 season has just started for the Maid of the Mist!

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