It's sometimes easy to forget that we live in an international border city. With the 2nd busiest land crossing in America right in our backyard, the Port of Buffalo has thousands of people and millions of pounds of goods crossing between the United States and Canada every single day. With that much traffic moving between the two countries, there are bound to be some illegal crossings here and there. However, the last few months have seen an explosion of illegal immigrants coming across the border.

It was just a few weeks ago when officials from US Customs and Border Protection announced a series of arrests on the international border, and now there have been even more arrests.

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CBP Officers Arrest 13 Illegal Immigrants

Customs and Border Protection officers announced they arrested 13 people in Buffalo who were in the country illegally.

Officers took 12 men and one woman into custody who were in two separate vehicles with North Carolina license plates while driving through Buffalo. The individuals were from Mexico and Nicaragua and could not produce any documentation that they were legally in the country. According to the Buffalo News, the illegals had traveled to Buffalo in order to take on work that paid $14 per hour.

Six of the people arrested had been previously arrested on the Southern Border near San Antonio, Texas, but somehow allowed to still enter the country. Another one of the men arrested had been previously removed from the country but found his way back to the United States.

According to CBP, the cars the undocumented folks were driving were registered to a company that is owned by two men who also have been ordered to leave the United States.

All of those arrested were taken to the Federal Detention Facility in Batavia, New York, to await deportation hearings.

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