Today is April Fool's Day and normally we'd be pranking each other to getting pranked by each other. But with living in a pandemic the new normal, we're really shying away from pranking, although I'm hoping this whole thing is one big April Fools joke.

Barring that, here are some April Fools jokes you might like:

Vicky Jones: "I told my then BF I was pregnant. Lol."

Cindy Zwicker: "Oh I got my daughter good! Tore up a toilet paper role into pieces and soaked them in hot water, squeezed the water out, rolled into a ball with a little oil for shine and then formed to to look like a pile of poop! Put it on her pillow so when she got home from school and saw it, it looked like the dog did her business on her bed ! I should have filmed her reaction! Priceless! Still talks about how I got her good!!!"

Robert Pisani: "While on duty at the firehouse, we found a dead rat that DPW put in the garbage can on the corner. We took the rat and put sunglasses on it and a lit cigarette in its mouth and set it on top of the pay phone on the opposite corner. We then hung out the rest of the evening on the front steps and watched as people screamed and jumped when they went to use the phone. They all knew it was our doing by the uproar of laughter coming from across the street."

Chuck Homler: "I manage a high rise condo in center city. I bought plastic pink flamingos and put them in the driveway leading to the main entrance of the building."

John Kensil: "One time I worked in a house that was closed for 2 years when the elderly owner had passed away. For fun, I wrote on an old index card this ➡️ 'Julius buried the coins and jewelry in a box exactly 6’ off and 6’ down from the center of the back wall of this house in the yard on August 1st 1961.' And I threw the card behind a dresser in the bedroom.
2 weeks go by and I drive past the house and there is a giant pile of dirt in the backyard. Someone found the card and believed it. They had to be there for hours and this story is 100% true. It was either a greedy relative or some real estate person that found the card."

Michael J. Fox: "Years ago I posted a letter on the Philadelphia Stars team bulletin board in the locker room that in preparation for Easter a local butcher was giving away hams for every member of the team. One of the rookies went around and asked a number of the guys for their free ham and promised hams for his family and neighbors. When the time came, he drove over to the shop to pick up his hams. Problem was the butcher shop had gone out of business earlier in the year. He then drove to Acme and bought like 35 hams to make good on his promises to everyone else. The next day when he walked into the locker room it erupted in laughter."

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