Q. With the election and the mess Obamacare seems to be in, is this a good time to buy health companies?
— Looking for opportunity

A. Wall Street hates uncertainty, and this presidential election sure has a lot of uncertainty.

It certainly is an interesting time.

News on increasing prices for Obamacare and health companies reducing their involvementhas, it would seem, caused investors to wonder if this sector in the stock market is the place to be, said Bill Connington of Connington Wealth Management in Paramus.

Unfortunately, Connington said, there is no easy answer.

He said it’s common for investors to read about the next great place to be or if an event happens, a certain sector in the market will do the best.

“I take the approach that a portfolio based on that investor’s risk and tolerances will be the better way to go long-term,” Connington said. “I think those that stay true to their goals will achieve them without having to try to chase performance sector-specific.”

Plus, he said, if you are wrong, what will happen to your goals and dreams?”

If you choose to market time, make sure you do your research and homework.

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