And here we go again. Another budget, another massive increase spending and taxation on an already struggling New Jersey populace. So the budget is now nearly 41 billion dollars and there are at least another one billion in taxes headed our way.

When is enough, enough?

Governor Murphy said a few months ago that if taxes are your issue, NJ is probably not the state for you. So does he want you to leave? Apparently so. He seems to be working awfully hard to make sure that illegals and felons are able to cast a ballot further displacing law abiding citizens like me and you. Fighting with the federal government, giving away free college and legal support to people here illegally. Literally watching as accused violent perpetrators are released back into your neighborhood. He's stripped away funding from some very successful school districts leaving local politicians to struggle to meet the costs of providing an excellent education, just ask residents in Toms River how that's working out.

Now he says that in order to provide relief from the horribly regressive tax on real estate, he's got to raise other taxes and increase spending. So we increase spending in order to lower taxes? Remember when Governor Christie accused me of not being smart enough to understand fourth grade math? Well even if Christie were right, I'd be able to see that Murphy's numbers simply don't add up.

We've got the worst business climate in the region and we're losing billions of dollars every year in taxable income to lower tax states. Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick joined me to discuss the "twilight zone" that Governor Murphy seems to be living in. The good news is that me, you and Bramnick are not alone in wanting to fight Murphy and restore sensibility to our states finances. Doug Steinhardt who heads up the New Jersey State GOP talked about how NJ is going to remain the "chief exporter" of jobs, businesses and family members as long as Murphy is Governor. From the business perspective, Michelle Siekerka from NJBIA representing thousands of business and about a million jobs in NJ talked about how crushing the increased spending and taxation will be on so many middle and working class New Jersey citizens. You can hear from all of them here:

Clearly the time for talk is over. We won't convince the Governor or his like-minded progressives in the legislature like Sweeney and Coughlin to lower spending and cut taxes. We simply have to beat them. The entire legislature is up for election along with the Governor in November 2021. General election candidates will be selected by primary voters in June 2021. That's only seventeen months from now.

Are you ready to fight? Who are the candidates who can most effectively speak for New Jersey and bring back prosperity and public safety? More to come...

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