Some NJ Legislators are pushing a plan to get better food into public schools in the state. We already offer free lunches and breakfast, but some in the legislature think that's not enough. State Senator Teresa Ruiz (D-Mercer) is the chair of the Senate Education Committee and has reintroduced a series of bills aimed at improving nutrition in public school meals.

This could be another reason to expand government's involvement and spending in schools, or just a push back against President Trump's Administration proposals to offer foods kids will actually eat. The efforts by the previous administration to offer healthier options ended up garbage cans all over the country, wasting millions of dollars.

If parents want kids to eat healthier, it's their responsibility. Pushing more wasteful programs to show how much politicians "care" about children is getting old and it doesn't work. It's up to parents and families to nurture and feed kids. The school is there to educate them and if part of that is nutritional classes and guidance, great. But it's not the job of government schools to buy them "nutritional" choices the won't choose. Some continue to think we can spend our way out of all of the problems that plaque our society and in many cases this makes matters worse.

By continuing to take away personal responsibilities and the struggle to overcome adversity we weaken the population and make them more dependent on government help. Oh, wait a minute. That's the whole point behind the big government party that promotes this nonsense. While some might believe there are good intentions behind efforts like this, remember where the road that is paved with good intentions leads to. Oh, wait again...we've already arrived!

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