Actually, its neither.

Here's my iPhone...cranking New Jersey 101.5 through the Radio Pup app! (Craig Allen photo)

Its the case for my iPhone.

side by side
iPhone in its case...and a late '70s vintage cassette that its reminiscent of... (Craig Allen photo).

What interesting, protective case do you have for your "smart phone."

phone cases
ONLY 3 of my friend Caitlin's 8 iPhone cases. The sparkly one is the favored case of the moment... (Craig Allen photo).

What comments have you gotten?

And...what does your phone case say about your personality?

People see the "cassette" and not only think that its cool...but knowing that I am a "radio geek," they agree that it fits my personality.

Its been collecting dust for hasn't worked in years. But, I can't throw it out! (Craig Allen photo)

And, most didn't know me as a kid, with my portable, battery powered cassette recorder always at my side!

Aaahh...the cassette tape...or as my nephew Ethan calls them: "Those square things."

Remember these "classic" cassette moments?

NOT a smart phone case... (Craig Allen photo).

And, don't forget to download the FREE "Radio Pup" app...

Radio Pup by the "Big Yellow Van!" (Craig Allen photo).

...and take New Jersey 101.5 with you anywhere, on your (protected) smart phone!

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