Let this be a lesson to all the drug dealers out there: don't use public delivery services to ship your product.

Andrew Davis, AKA Flippa Mafia (NJ State Police)

Authorities have dismantled an international drug ring with strong ties to New Jersey. The perpetrators were using major parcel shippers to move cocaine from California to New Jersey.

The years-long investigation, dubbed "Operation Next Day Air," resulted in nine arrests. Six individuals are New Jersey residents who allegedly transported the cocaine once it arrived in the Garden State.

The ring leader, according to officials, was 34-year-old Andrew Davis of Jamaica, who's well known as dancehall artist "Flippa Mafia." He was arrested in California last month and extradited to New Jersey on October 8.

"Detectives recovered more than 26 kilos of cocaine worth approximately $780,000, two handguns, and more than $600,000 in cash," said Sgt. Adam Grossman with the New Jersey State Police.

The investigation began in March 2011 when authorities seized two packages from a mail facility in Marlton. Each package contained four kilograms of cocaine.