Today's conversation on the National Anthem took a turn after one caller wanted to promote the propaganda of #BlackLivesMatter.  Not wanting to hear the facts about police shootings specifically about how even many unarmed men are committing crimes and assaulting police officers when they met their end.

The extended point is that we're learning from my conversations with black families and business owners in NJ's toughest city blocks. The lesson? Everyone that I have spoken to was very relieved and happy about an increased police presence in the neighborhood.  You know who's really not happy about community policing and quality of life patrols?  Criminals.

When asked by the caller Chante if I believe "black lives matters" I said I believe that #InnocentLivesMatter.  That's right, crime is not a racial issue.  If you assault a police officer as Michael Brown did you may lose your life.

What's sad about the #BLM movement is that they are blatantly ignoring the real problem of the true civil rights crisis impacting black Americans.  Violence in the cities preventing families from sending their kids to school without fear of a shooting.  How many kids get out of school and can't find any economic opportunity in our cities?  In Newark a quarter of the kids don't even make it all the way through school.

If NFL players want to protest, how about addressing gang violence and criminal activity which is the root of the problem.  Not the Police.

You wanna address the real crisis impacting black America?  How about police on the streets and jobs in the cities.  How about the government using tax policy to attract businesses to the cities in our state?  The problems can be fixed.  We've got to get past the false narratives and lies first and then get working on the solutions in front of us.

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