Jim was was looking out the window this morning and noticed a view in the sky that many say they have seen in the skies of New Jersey for some time now.  Callers have said that they continue to see unidentified lines in the sky, which could possibly be chemtrails. Jim has spoken about chemtrails in the past, as callers have said from varying parts of the state of seeing planes releasing what looks like white gas into the skies.

If you've never read up on chemtrails, we've found some educational videos below for you to watch where you can make your own decisions as to whether or not these chemtrails exist and whether they are harmful.

You can view the assortment of videos below.

Chemtrails explained in a documentary on the Discovery Channel:



This is a piece recommended from a listener on a documentary entitled "Chemtrails: What are They Spraying"


A Rutgers professor explains geoengineering.



Information on Edward Teller, who  apparently holds the patent for the chemicals that are reportedly included in chemtrails.