Gotta give it to the Democrats. They hate Donald Trump so much that they have been willing to change the story about what the president is allegedly guilty of in order to pursue a pre-determined agenda of removing him from office.

It's a historical first for sure. Votes strictly along party lines with two articles of impeachment passing the Democratic-led House of Representatives. Three Democrats voted against the majority uniting with EVERY GOP member of the House and voting against what is clearly a partisan attack on our president.

Whether you voted for Trump or not, whether you like his style or not, the idea that the President is accused of abusing his power based on a call to a foreign president, where allegations of corruption ran rampant BEFORE Trump was president, makes no sense to the average voter.

The president was right to ask the Ukrainian president to look into the possibility of involvement in the 2016 election. The fact that Biden's name was mentioned had everything to do with the FACT that Joe was VP and is on video discussing his own actions, which were almost EXACTLY what the president is accused of! Remember when Joe said that he told the Ukrainian government they wouldn't get U.S. aid unless they fired a certain prosecutor?

Other than the blatant hypocrisy, there's the fact that the Democrats have been saying they were gonna impeach Trump for the past three years. The Ukrainian scam perpetuated by media hacks who is just the most recent narrative after every other attempt failed - porn stars, prostitutes, lining his own pockets, bribery, Russia collusion - all knocked down because they really have zero facts to substantiate a call for impeachment. But because the Democrats are in the majority and they have the power to push through any legislation they want, we now have two articles of impeachment.

It's a waste of time that hurts all of us. While the House Democrats are trying to get themselves a place in the history books, nothing is being done to help American families. The only person in Washington looking out for you is the president. While Democrats play partisan games abusing a system intended to protect the constitution and our republic, the president is moving the nation forward. Defeating ISIS, protecting our border, lowering taxes, creating jobs ... have you looked at your retirement account lately?

The country is as strong as we have ever been thanks to a strong president who is not allowing the distraction of partisan political get in the way of him fulfilling campaign promises. His strength, courage and leadership are exactly what we should expect in our chief executive.

Looks like results matter after all and given the abysmal approval ratings that Congress typically enjoys, the GOP is poised to take back control of the House in 2020 and deliver the re-elected President Trump their well-deserved cooperation in order to take his economic and national security agenda to the next level.

We were honored to have one of the president's top advisors, Tony Sayegh, on the morning show to discuss the impeachment proceedings and the contrast of the tremendous success of this president on behalf of all Americans. Check the video below:

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