As if the presidential election isn’t going to be enough of a circus, I was looking forward to seeing Kanye West jump in to the fray.

As reported by many media outlets, Kanye had gotten enough signatures required to get himself on the ballot in New Jersey as a presidential candidate. Just as soon as he got himself on, many of the signatures that he submitted were challenged by an attorney who alleged that several signatures were written by the same person. Kanye withdrew his New Jersey petition last week.

That didn’t bode well for his campaign. And that makes me sad. Add that to the growing list of what makes this upcoming election such a joke. First, The media’s insistence that we’re all going to die of coronavirus just so we can blame Donald Trump for it. Then, the indecision about debates. Will they be held at all? After the venues that agreed to host the debates decided it was too dangerous because of COVID-19, will the venues that said they would host them instead also decide to pull out at the last minute? Will Donald Trump decide he wants to debate? Maybe he doesn’t want to debate at all? What asinine proclamations will Trump make during the debates, if they happen? Will Joe Biden be able to stay awake through the debates? Or form somewhat coherent sentences? What will be the fate of the thousands of mail in ballots that are lost in the US Postal Service abyss? And how will the complete clusterf**k that mail-in voting turned out to be affect election results? Trump wants to change the date of Election day. Can he possibly make that happen?

And then, Kanye. This was actually going to be fun, I thought. I was actually looking forward to hearing whatever insanity was about to come out of his soon-to-spiral-out-of-control brain. I thought that he would be the most entertaining thing to happen to politics since — well, ever. I wanted to see what Kim and the girls would be wearing during campaign stops. I wanted to watch them cringe when Yeezy was at his most cringeworthy.

Yes, the Kanye campaign was going to be the bright spot in our long national nightmare. But no more. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what Biden says — or tries to say —next.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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