Coming soon to New Jersey, another document for the undocumented.

A plan is moving forward to create a drivers license for undocumented immigrants living in New Jersey and other people who can’t produce documentation proving who they are. If you're a US citizen, of course, you have to come up with 6 points of identification so that you can prove who you are. Makes total sense doesn't it?

Actually, none of this makes any sense. Driving in New Jersey is a privilege that should be extended only to those who can legally prove who they are, and not with just a cell phone bill or apartment lease, like this plan calls for. Otherwise, what's the point of providing any ID at all? Why hasn't Homeland Security signed off on this plan? Wouldn't that be, as the governor likes to say, "The right thing to do"?

If there is any, "right thing to do" here it's to require those getting these licenses to both read and speak English.The bill would require the driving exams be offered in English as well as the next three most popular languages in New Jersey. Since English is the language used on our road signs and if you're going to be driving, you're going to need to know it. At least for now.

Don't be surprised if the next shoe to drop on the road is to change the signs. Whatever we can do to accommodate those who are not supposed to be here. If only we did as much for those who are.

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