In the final moments of the legislative session, the Legislature heroically tackled one of the biggest issues plaguing New Jerseyans for years. They passed comprehensive and realistic property tax reform by revamping school funding.

Just kidding.

They banned packing peanuts.

Because that’s what politicians do, you know? The real problems persist but the low-hanging fruit that can lend itself to virtue signaling? Oh, count them in!

Now it’s only a matter of the governor signing the bill, but due to the timing, he only has one week to consider it. This perfectly fits his progressive agenda though so don’t be surprised if he signs it into law.

And we will all be so happy, right? Because if there’s one thing we have all said it’s, “My God, the planet would surely reverse global warming if we would just stop New Jersey from allowing these gosh darn polystyrene packing peanuts.”

So if the legislature won’t tackle the real problems we sent them there to solve and instead wants to peddle feel good legislation, how about we ban the following things that would really make us all happier?

7 things NJ should ban right now

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