Despite no evidence that on-the-spot temperature checks and covering your face in public have any impact on keeping you or people around you healthy, this is the policy embraced across the Garden State.

Evidence of how constant mask wearing, especially cloth coverings, can actually compromise and endanger your health does exist, but is ignored.

Politicians are preying on your fear. And businesses, after being shuttered for months, are desperate to reopen. This is a combination that is dangerous to the future of our economy and certainly our liberty. The good news is that there are examples of Americans pushing back against what many of us have called an unconstitutional infringement on our liberty and ability to make decisions as adults. Citizens, law enforcement and some officials pushing back in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and even California, resulting in a rescinding in some cases of the mask orders. But in New Jersey … silence. Many businesses just embracing and accepting that face coverings, regardless of the risks, will be the "new normal."

Remember something as the pols and pundits try to get you to embrace this nonsense. Correlation is NOT causation. For all the so-called "spikes" in cases; they are related to exponentially greater testing numbers. If anything, the "spike" will likely confirm what we’ve been saying since February, that the mortality rate is not as high as the fear mongers pushed during the pandemic.

So the choice is yours. We can look at the real numbers that show that the average increase in "no mask" states is overly inflated by triple-digit percentage increases in cases in Florida, again, due to tens of thousands of tests EVERY day, or we can look at the 61% decrease in cases in no-mask Vermont. The facts are there for you to use if you want to step away from the Murphy propaganda machine.

Remember, we cannot have normalcy in our economy if people are afraid of going out without a mask for fear of a virus. The bottom line is that this virus and nearly every other one which has killed people over the past century is here to stay. And if we return to what public health officials were saying at the outset, we can take normal precautions which are recommended every flu season and get back to normal. It’s time.

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