You can tell a lot about a state by its slogan, except for New Jersey where we've had some crazy ones. For example "New Jersey and you perfect together," uttered by Governor Tom Kean with an accent that sounded more like a Kennedy that a Jersey guy.

Then they had a public vote in 2006 and came up with "New Jersey, Come See For Yourself." Seriously? Was that really the best we could do? How about "New Jersey Stay the F**k home!" (we do lead the nation in profanity) or, "New Jersey, we've got your vacation right here and we ain't fixing these roads." But then again, it's the vacation aspect that's the reason for slogans. The idea is to lure people to New Jersey in the hopes of getting their tourism money and possibly they'll like it so much that they'll want to one day move here. Then after they see how much it will cost to stay here, they'll be one of the many people, more than any other state, to move out of here.

Nevertheless. We're talking about what would be a great slogan for New Jersey and Assemblyman Ron Dancer is looking for a great ad campaign to get people to want to come to New Jersey. I, along with my following believe honesty is the best policy, so if you want a truthful slogan about new Jersey, try these out.

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