Since its landfall on October 29th, Hurricane Sandy left unprecedented destruction in local areas that so many of us call home. In fact, several parts of New Jersey are estimated to take months to rebuild and recover from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. While lots of people would argue that it's too soon, It doesn't surprise us to see that production has already gone into T-Shirts for those who wish to proudly wear their Jersey Pride after the Superstorm Sandy. Sporting slogans from "I survived Hurricane Sandy" to "Jersey Strong", check out these boldly quoted Hurricane Sandy T-Shirts for sale! Tell us your reaction to these shirts in the comments section below!


Jersey Strong T-Shirt

Replacing the "O" with a hurricane logo positioned inside the state's outline, this shirt encompasses one of the most common NJ slogans heard immediately after Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore: "Jersey Strong".


Let's Make Our Beaches Sandy Again T-Shirt

The shirt pictured below plays on words while focusing on rebuilding the beautiful Jersey Shore.


I Survived Super Storm Sandy T-Shirt

As bold and dramatic as they come, this one even adds the date that Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.


I Survived Hurricane Sandy T-Shirt with Map

The simple "I Survived Hurricane Sandy" T-shirt shows a map of the entire area of the east coast where the storm hit.



Hurricane Sandy Radar Map T-Shirt

Complete with a radar map depicting the exact path of Hurricane Sandy plus the date of its landfall, this one is one of the most visual Sandy T-shirts that we've seen so far.



While some of the T-shirts shown above show New Jersey strength and pride, do you find any of these Hurricane Sandy T-Shirts insensitive?  Is it too soon? Would you wear an "I survived Hurricane Sandy" T-Shirt?  Tell us your reactions in the comments below!