The Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange is a New Jersey treasure as far as I’m concerned. It’s arguably our best zoo and will satisfy your craving without making the much longer and more expensive trip to the Bronx or Philadelphia. I’ve taken my older kids there when they were little and now my new little ones can enjoy it.

Atticus, who is 3, made his second visit this week. The Turtle Back Zoo did something really nice in opening early to let kids with autism come at a time when it was less busy, less crowded, less noisy. Several schools were there on Tuesday to take advantage of this kind opportunity and The Uncommon Thread, my son’s ABA school, was one of them.

He spent over 4 hours exploring. How happy did it make him? See for yourself in the photo gallery below. Oh and if you’re wondering why he’s wearing glasses in some pics and not in others that’s because it was so steamy humid they kept fogging up and had to be off at times.

It's great that more places are doing things like this. On May 8th Six Flags Great Adventure held their "Autism Day" when the park was closed to the general public. They modified the lights and music to be less grating on kids who get sensory overload. Movie theaters and other places are starting to do autism days as well.

Atticus at the Zoo

Thank you, Turtle Back Zoo! Your kindness made a three year old boy so happy and your operation is top notch!

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