Food and Wine Magazine is almost always very accurate when it comes to choosing what’s best in each state, but this time, I’m questioning their decision on the best snack in New Jersey.

The website published its “best snack in every state” list basing it on a few factors, but mainly that the item had to be shipped without a lot of effort, aka, no dry ice.

It’s good to know that they actually test the product before making this list. I wouldn’t trust it otherwise.

When reading these, I always try to guess what New Jersey’s results are.

My first guess was ice cream. Not only do we have many homemade ice cream shops throughout the state but Kohr’s frozen custard and ice cream are a go-to in the summertime.

Then I thought of popcorn since New Jersey is home to the famous Johnson’s Popcorn, originating on the Ocean City boardwalk, and now ready to be shipped all over the country.

I realized I was focusing more on the Jersey Shore so my third guess was disco fries, a staple at any New Jersey diner.

Patrick Lavery
Patrick Lavery

Now I’m at the point where I’m wasting too much time guessing and went right to the source.

According to, the best snack in New Jersey is crumb cake.

Crumb cake never crossed my mind. I didn’t think it was a "Jersey thing".

Don’t get me wrong, crumb cake is delicious.

The crumb cake from the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market in Kendall Park is a favorite in my household.

And Food and Wine recommends getting it from B&W in Hackensack.

And Mueller’s Bakery in Bay Head.

But I wouldn’t consider crumb cake to be a snack. Maybe more of a breakfast item or a dessert with a cup of coffee.

Either way, I’m not mad about their choice.

Do you have a favorite bakery that serves the best crumb cake? Send me an email and let me know where.

And if I had you at "disco fries", you can find them at any of these 24-hour Jersey diners.

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