I've used Frontier Airlines a number of times and never had an issue. Although to use them, I always had to fly out of Philadelphia or out of that very small airport, Trenton-Mercer where the amenities are scarce. In fact when I first started using them at Trenton-Mercer, if you were at the gate and needed to use a restroom you used to have to go all the way out and come back through security a second time.

Now comes the happy news that Frontier will now be servicing Newark Liberty starting in November, and they have some killer deals! They announced Tuesday there will be low-cost flights to 15 U.S. cities plus two international (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico).

The introductory price? $15! Plus they're offering a kids fly free deal. Some of the new routes will start in November, some in December, and more in March and April of next year. Cities like Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Ontario, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico. See flyfrontier.com for more information.

In my experience this airline has always been on-time, the staff very friendly, and they're ticketing process simple. For a budget airline it's a good time to be making a move into Newark with the departure of Southwest on the horizon. Good luck snagging a ticket! I'm sure it's going to be a popular deal!

When you go to flyfrontier.com scroll down to Our Best Deals and click on find deals. That's where you'll see a lot of these $15 offers. What are you waiting for! Go!

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