Gov. Phil Murphy is beginning to actually sound like your dad, with threats that sound like your dad saying “Don’t you dare disobey me or you’re grounded!”

Well, we’re all grounded. And he’s threatening to make it much, much worse, according to an article on our website, going as far as saying, in reference to possible enhanced restrictions on youth hockey games, “I got nothing against hockey but watch yourselves.”

You may wonder: how is he allowed to keep extending his executive orders? Why in the United States of America is a Governor being given all of this unfettered power? They’re allowing it, plain and simple. The legislature is actually supporting it. Democrats overwhelmingly voted to allow Murphy’s draconian measures to continue.

Logical, rational freedom-loving lawmakers like Serena DiMaso don’t stand a chance. DiMaso and like-minded fellow Assembly members have twice introduced a bill to restrict Murphy’s executive orders to two weeks without legislative approval. In a tweet detailing the vote, Di Maso proclaimed, “NJ Deserves Better.” Twice, Democrats voted to table the bill, thus extending indefinitely the powers being afforded Murphy. This means that despite the complaints of their constituents, the Democrats, like a lot of other Murphy sycophants, are in full support of the arbitrary rules and regs that the governor is not only laying down, but also changing at his own whim.

If you want to know who blame, has a handy-dandy list of the legislators who voted for keeping the governor up on the throne he’s currently perched upon. It’s the usual suspects: the vote went pretty much down party lines. In order for things to make sense again, someone needs to stop the ongoing abuse of power. Or we’re all in for a rough winter. And I don’t mean because of a virus.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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