Coffee is an acquired taste and one that I truly acquired once I got into the working world.

When I was a kid, or even in college for that matter, I always wanted my coffee to be sweet. I'd take it as light as possible and have sugar thrown in there as well.

Nowadays, not so much. Just a splash of half and half in my coffee and I'm good. But how does the rest of New Jersey want their coffee?

Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media
Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media
loading... did a report to determine how every U.S. state takes their coffee.

For background, here was how they determined the results:

"To determine how every state takes its coffee, we surveyed over 2,100 Americans from 44 states over two weeks in October 2023. We asked respondents to choose their preferred coffee shade, how many cups they typically drink daily, and how late in the day they will drink coffee to map out coffee preferences across the country."

So how did New Jerseyans like their coffee? On their scale of 1-9 New Jerseyans scored a five. Meaning we don't like our coffee too sweet (nine on the scale was lots of cream and sugar) but we also don't like it black (one on the scale would mean adding nothing to your coffee.)


We fall right in the middle. We average 1.17 teaspoons of sugar and 2.05 teaspoons of creamer/milk. We don't want it too sweet but also don't want it black.

What's even more interesting is our "latest time drinking coffee" came out to 2:08 p.m.

I know I break that trend a lot!

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