Seems ridiculous to even have to address, right? But the Department of Transportation has now included miniature horses in the category of Service Animals that MUST be allowed to travel with the disabled person they serve.

Now at first glance, it seems fair, right? We allow service dogs on planes after all. Of course there are a few problems that the federal government either ignored through ignorance or on purpose.

First of all, mini horses are not a common service animal as most people will choose dogs.  Horses, according to experts are not that bright, they scare easily and are difficult to train. In the DOT mandate forcing passenger airlines to accept the animals as long as they are not heavier than 100 pounds and not taller than 34 inches, but can you imagine sitting next to a horse? Where’s he gonna poop? What if there’s turbulence?

Here’s the worst part of the new mandate. Because of our crazy PC culture, the airline is NOT ALLOWED TO ASK for proof of certification and training. Say what?!?

They can force me to take off my shoes and belt and show ID three times before I get on the plane, but the guy bringing the horse doesn’t have to prove that the horse is actually his service animal? Nuts.

Can we stick to service dogs, IDs and proof and leave the horse back at the stable? Please?

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