"HomeFront" is a Mercer County-based charity that you need to know about!

They raise funds to help homeless and at-risk youth all year long through their "Joy, Hopes and Dreams" programs...and their big event is an annual summer camp...that combines academics with summer camp fun, in a warm, friendly and caring environment!

The sign says it all! (Craig Allen photo).

This morning, HomeFront "ran" their annual "Run/Walk for Hope" at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton!

Runners started showing up to register at about 9am...

The first to "register and sign in" this morning! (Craig Allen photo).

...and at that very moment...

A little rain does not dim her smile! (Craig Allen photo).

..."Mother Nature" decides to make her presence known...as it starts to RAIN.

All ages are signing in...to run for a great cause! (Craig Allen photo).

But, that doesn't dampen turnout...or ENTHUSIASM!

"I'm ready to run for the kids!" (Craig Allen photo).

After signing in...don't forget to...

"Yup...its just YOUR size!" (Craig Allen photo).

...get your "Run/Walk for Hope" t-shirt!

Chatting with old friends...and making NEW ones, too! (Craig Allen photo).

More and more runners arrive...

Future Runners! (Craig Allen photo).

...despite the light rain!

Did I mention that...

I am pleased to be your announcer/MC for the festivities! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...New Jersey 101.5 is represented?!

YAY! Team! (Craig Allen photo).

As are local schools and businesses...fielding teams of runners for the cause!

After welcoming the runners...thanking the many sponsors that make the run possible...and giving general directions...I hand the runners over to Carol...

Its the BIG stretch! (Craig Allen photo).

...who helps them to...

Do as Carol does! (Craig Allen photo).

...limber up...

"I'm ALMOST ready to run!" (Craig Allen photo).

...and get ready for the BIG run!

This way! (Craig Allen photo).

Which is set to start...

It's time to walk to the starting line! (Craig Allen photo).

...promptly at 10am!

Did I mention that the light rains stops...just in time for the 5 K and 1 mile Run/Walk?

Of course it does! Even Mother Nature appreciates everyone's dedication to the kids!

Everyone behind the starting line! (Craig Allen photo).

5 K Runners....are you READY?!


Here they come! (Craig Allen photo).

This is what you've come to ETS to do!

And...there they go! Stroller included! (Craig Allen photo).

And once the 5 K runners are on their way...

Heather asks: "Are you READY?" (Craig Allen photo).

It's time for the 1 Mile runners...

"Who? US?" (Craig Allen photo).

...to do their thing, too!

Almost...a blur of speed! (Craig Allen photo).

It's a great....race to the finish!

Thanks to Heather and Donna and all the nice people involved with HomeFront's "Run/Walk for Hope!"

And, thank you for inviting New Jersey 101.5 be a part of your day!

For more about "HomeFront" and all the good things that they do for the community, click here for their official website!