Here are some tips that may help make your holidays a bit more joyous.


Flickr / Alisonbowden14
Flickr / Alisonbowden14

Have a budget

There's no reason to go broke during the holidays.  Plan on how much you can afford for gifts, holiday meals, and decorations.

Purchase safe toys

Always check for labels with safety warnings.  For very young kids don't buy toys with small detachable parts or sharp edges.  If you're purchasing a bike or skateboard, make sure the child has and wears a helmet.

Food safety

Right after dinner or a party, refrigerate the leftovers.  Never leave food sitting out for more than two hours.

Use LED lights

The LED's use less electricity, they last way longer than the older type lights, and they really look nice.

Think "Green"

Purchase rechargeable batteries and a charger for electronics and toys.  After Christmas, make sure your Christmas tree is recycled.  Don't let it go to a landfill.



Even if you do it for a few hours a week, donate some time to your town's soup kitchen or one of our local food banks.

I hope the suggestions will help to make your holiday season just a bit better.

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