This Hindu festival is a colorful way for people of all backgrounds to put the dreary winter weather behind them!

Here are the colors I'm sick of seeing: black, white and gray. With the gloomy forecasts we've been getting these past few weeks, I feel like I'm living in an old-time movie without any of the glamour. Even with the weekend here, it's hard to get excited about traversing icy roads with similarly frustrated motorists. The whole situation is just depressing.

But unlike other days, today (March 6th) is a special one. Today is Holi, the Hindu celebration of colors that has spread worldwide. If you don't know what Holi is, it celebrates the transition from winter to spring with an explosion of different colored powders. It's basically a free-for-all! People throw handfuls of powder that span the colors of the rainbow, pour buckets of water, and frolic in joy over the beginning of springtime. It's a rejuvenating way to experience this new part of the year.

The aftermath of an epic Holi celebration at Yale University. (Raquel Guarino/TSM New Jersey)

Just thinking about Holi puts a smile on my face. Since it's so widely celebrated, people throughout America have gathered together to create their own Holi festivals outside of India. Check out the video below to watch the 2013 Festival of Colors in Utah to see how Americans enjoy this wonderful holiday.