Hey Ma! I'm going to be on television! This Wednesday and each Wednesday through the month of November I'll be a guest on "Bare All," with best selling author Maryann Castello, who's also a great interviewer. How good? She almost made me cry!

Maryann guested on "Jersey's Opening Lines" on my show on New Jersey 101.5 and explained the show.

"'Bare All' is a brand new television show, where we interview special guests," Castello said. "We have special show topics, talk about healthy living. And it's finding out how you can change a lifestyle and speaking to people and finding out what you never knew about them. And that's what's fabulous because you bare all."

We shot the show at my house with music director Ryche Chlanda playing us in and out of breaks. Both Maryann and Ryche will be touring with the band "Nektar."

"Bare All" airs Wednesday night at 9pm on Comcast channels 190 and 281. I'll be the one with the big nose!

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