Pity the plastic bag. It has become the root of all evil. It's only a matter of time before the late night talk hosts blame Donald Trump for them. I can already see the shot of the President photographed carrying a bag his favorite fast food which they'll speculate that he got from the Russians.

If we would stop using the single use plastic bag, property taxes would drop along with your weight, you'd make more money at your job and all would be right wit the world. In New Jersey, more and more towns are banning them, the latest being Paramus.

Imagine how much fun it's going to be when malls become BYOB, Bring Your Own Bags. Maybe you can stop at the supermarket and buy a box of bags instead. If that doesn't make you want to stay home and shop online even more. But it's okay, you're saving the environment! Think about that while you drink from your disposable single use plastic water bottle as you unpack all your items contained in plastic. If you're going to ban plastic, then ban all plastic, not just what we're getting for free.

The plastic bag may be one of the few perks we get shopping at the store. Those single use bags are not single use at all. They have many uses. In my house, they line our waste baskets, they are used for lunches, stored in our cars to bag trash and of course they accompany Fluffy on his walks. If you take them away it's only going to force people to replace them with store bought bags which will cost us money. What exactly are we saving then?

If you play the stock market you might want to invest in those companies that make store bought plastic bags. As for the stores themselves, if they lose the bags, they will probably lose customers as well since more people will just shop online and not deal with the hassle.

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