You may remember back in April, during the Ask the Governor program, a female caller expressed her frustration in trying to get her son a provisional driver's license.

Gov. Chris Christie decided to accompany the mom and her son to the South Plainfield office to help clear up the situation.

Afterward, the governor said that there was some confusion and that the workers at the South Plainfield MVC got frustrated and "didn't remember that these are our customers."

So you would think after the governor personally going to that MVC office, things would improve, right?

Well according to some callers today, that doesn't seem to be the case.

We were taking calls from NJ residents that were having issues when they go to a local MVC office and one of the complaints that kept coming up during the conversation was the poor service people were getting at the South Plainfield MVC.

Here are some of the quotes from out listeners when speaking about the South Plainfield MVC specifically:

"The woman said that South Plainfield office used my license plate number and gave it to someone else, so I couldn't even register my car." — Michelle on the Parkway

"It's not the process, it's not the software, it's not updating the systems. It's the people themselves that are the problem." — Freddy in South Plainfield

"It's not just their rudeness but it's an attitude of disdain that people need their stuff done." — Jane on the Parkway

"They didn't want to listen to you, they just said 'go to the back of the line." -— Nick in Edison

"I'm from South Plainfield, I use it as least as possible." — Patty on the Parkway

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