🚗 NJ drivers are being targeted by a new scam

🚗 Bad actors are using REAL ID to try and get your personal info

🚗 How do you protect yourself?

The Motor Vehicle Commission is warning of a new scam that is targeting New Jersey drivers.

If you get and email or a text asking you to "validate" your driver license, don't click on it.

A notice on the MVC website reads: "These e-mails and texts do not originate from the NJMVC and may be part of a scam. The NJMVC does not ask individuals to conduct motor vehicle services unsolicited by email or text."


These are known as phishing scams, and bad actors are trying to get you to reveal personal information that can be used for identity theft.

In this latest scam, the text or email may reference New Jersey's REAL ID and ask you for verification of your driving credentials.

"Individuals should always exercise caution when receiving unsolicited communication," the MVC warns, "Especially those that ask you to click on a link or provide personal information. If you have any questions regarding communications from the NJMVC, please contact us directly."

What is REAL ID?

REAL ID is the new federal requirement for state-issued driver licenses and non-driver IDs to help prevent fraudulent identification.

New Jersey made the switch to REAL ID licenses earlier this year.

Residents can make the switch now, or when your license comes up for renewal.

NJ MVC REAL ID (NJ MVC), MVC website (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

Currently, you have to make an appointment and appear in person at an MVC location to get a REAL ID. The MVC says they are working on expanding on-line options.

Do I need a REAL ID in New Jersey?

Not necessarily.

A REAL ID is more secure, and is the only license form accepted as ID to board a domestic airline flight in the United States.

If you use a passport or other federally approved ID when you fly, you may not need a REAL ID.


New Jersey continues to offer a standard driver license for those who do not need or do not want a REAL ID.

For more information on REAL ID, visit the NJMVC website by following this link.

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