On Monday’s show we took an hour’s worth of calls from the public on the subject of undocumented immigrants receiving driver licenses. Online, I wrote my reasons for being against this and included a poll. Overwhelmingly the response was the same. A vast majority, including immigrants who came here legally and followed the rules, are against this legislation.

Governor Murphy wants to sign a bill that will surely pass the legislature now that elections are over. It’s a cowardly way to ram through unpopular laws in the so-called lame duck session. Politicians have come right out and said that’s what they’ve been waiting for.

This is about to happen folks.

Unless a Hail Mary pass in the form of a flood of opposition is received. If you don’t think it’s fair for people who are in the country illegally to be issued driver licenses, this is your only chance to stop it. CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS. Let them know you WILL have a long memory and you WON’T forget come the next election.

Many of us are too busy breaking our backs working in this ungodly expensive state to keep up with who their exact legislators are. I’m making it easy for you.

This takes you to an easy way to email any legislator. Put in your municipality from the drop down menu. Then click find representatives. Check the boxes next to all that pop up then hit select. You’ll see a simple form to fill out with a field to put your message.

Tell them no driver licenses for illegal immigrants, and remind them you vote.

Share this with anyone you think feels the same way and urge them to do the same.

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