🚨 A Hawthorne man was charged with stealing millions

🚨 He was hired by the couple as a part-time assistant

🚨The man used his job to steal from their accounts, officials say

HAWTHORNE — A Passaic County man was arrested on charges of embezzling nearly $3 million from an elderly couple.

Charles Gallo, 34, of Hawthorne, was hired by an elderly couple in 2018 to work as a part-time assistant at their home. His duties included managing the victims’ monthly bills and banking and assisting them with email and other computer/technology-related issues.

From March 2022 through March 2023, Gallo used his position to take part in a fraudulent scheme to steal $2.9 million from the victims’ accounts, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey

Officials said he would routinely use the couple’s ATM card to withdraw large amounts of cash, open a line of credit, cash checks made payable to himself drawn on the victims’ bank accounts, use their credit cards to buy computer equipment, gaming systems, collectible items from online retailers, and other unauthorized transactions.

Gallo was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond on Thursday.

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