What are you doing tonight? After all, its St. Patrick's Day...Night!

Put on your "green"...and...PARTY!!!

Join me, New Jersey 101.5's Craig Allen at "iPlay America!"

Is this a "selfie of a selfie?" (NJ Prize Team photo).

Get set for a night of fun, and great music!

I'll be hanging out at the "Game Time Bar And Grill," starting at around 7 tonight!

Come on out, and be part of the FUN! (NJ Prize Team photo).

Check out the great food and drink specials and that's just the start of "St Patrick's Night!"

I can't wait to bring on "Brian Kirk & the Jirks," one of Jersey's favorite party bands!

They've been entertaining for almost 20 years because Brian is a really fun guy!

I'm anticipating some St. Patrick's "antics" TONIGHT!

"Brian Kirk and the Jirks" say the key to their longevity and success comes down to: amazing musicians, and "having fun with the audience instead of performing to the audience."

Get all the FUN "St. Patrick's Night" at "iPlay America" details by clicking here!

Ride the NJ101.5 bumper car! (Craig Allen photo).

C'mon...have fun with US...at "iPlay America" in Freehold, TONIGHT!

"Wearin' of the GREEN!" But...what does the shirt say? (Chris Eannucci photo).

I'll be part of the "wearin' of the green"...as you can see in the above "studio picture!"

BUT, can you guess what my shirt says? Therein lies the challenge! All will be "revealed" at "iPlay America" TONIGHT!

I can't wait to hang out with YOU, your green, and New Jersey 101.5!