Imagine going through your car wash, looking through the suds and seeing monsters and zombies coming at your car with giant brooms and squeegees.

My first thought would be, "when did I go to Camden to get my car washed?" I kid but what a great idea and it's happening at the Rainforest Car Wash in Brunswick, Ohio. It should be happening in New Brunswick, New Jersey!

Imagine what a haunted car wash would be like in New Jersey? You pay the mob guy for "protection" as you begin your ride, as you ride through what looks like a tough neighborhood, bums come up to your windshield with squeegees and try to clean it. When you follow the water down the sewer you see Pennywise throwing up any Spalding's that may have been down there from years ago.

Then as you leave, you drive right back into the elements that made you come in the first place. Wouldn't that be a great idea for New Jersey? Wait, I think we already do!

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