The salt and brine spread on New Jersey's roads during the winter could be having a negative effect on your vehicle.

Julie Denesha, Getty Images

A car's brake lines and other parts of the undercarriage, including the fuel lines and wheel walls, are the primary victims, according to AAA Automotive. The group said complaints about rusty brakes and suspension parts are mounting across the country.

"The repair costs for a rusted brake line can run as much as $1,000 to $2,000," AAA stated in a press release.

Drivers are being advised to wash their cars now, including the undercarriage, as salt corrosion can get worse as the months go on because the problem is compounded by hot weather.

AAA Car Wash Tips

  • Wash top to bottom - car wash should be equipped to clean undercarriage
  • Wax and seal -  after a wash, have your car re-waxed and sealed
  • Clean wipe-down - use fresh, clean towels
  • Check for chips - following wash, inspect the vehicle for paint flakes and specks, rust, oxidation, or corrosion; replaced chipped paint as soon as possible.