So a Hopatcong cop is caught on video hitting a man dressed in a bunny suit and blaring an air horn in the police precinct and now the officer is facing charges for assault. You just can't make it up.

I thought that while Officer Nicholas Maresca, may have been able to use different methods to handle Kenneth Hemmerich, the bunny-suit-wearing, horn-blowing antagonist, what he did, did not warrant an assault charge.

Apparently our listeners did not all agree with me as many felt that while what Hemmerich did was totally wrong, Maresca was out of line for laying a hand on him.  "I felt like smacking him myself but who am I to sit there and put my hands on another person without him trying to put his hands on me," George from Elizabeth explained.

One person with knowledge of the Hemmerich family said that being in the center of controversy is not unexpected for them.  "The Hemmerich family definitely family that is in and out of trouble. There parents tell them that they are above the law," caller Brittany from Forked River stated.

I would say that the callers were pretty much split down the middle as to whether Officer Maresca should or should not face assault charges for this.

You can listen to some of the reactions we had from this morning's show in the YouTube clip above.

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